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Love Hate Tattoo was founded in 2001 by Rochester native Jet. We are a group of artists with a common mindset and goals.


Rooted in the fundamental tradition of tattoo history we strive to stay true to our craft. Producing a classic, everlasting, well built tattoo that will stand the test of time. Consistently keeping the highest standard of excellence in our work has earned us our reputation as Rochester’s premier tattoo studio.





47 State St. Rochester, New York 14614

Tel: 585 - 262 - 6440




Sunday - Closed

Monday - Appointment Only

Tuesday through Saturday - 1pm to 8pm

Welcome to the 8th Annual International Roc City Tattoo Expo,
being held at the Holiday Inn Rochester NY  on April 22, 23, 24th 2016!
This is upstate NY’s premier tattooing event!
We continue to bring talent from all over the USA, Canada, Europe & Japan!
The artists we choose showcase a variety of techniques and styles.
All are on an invite only basis, therefore insuring absolute quality & safety for everyone. This is your chance to meet & and GET TATTOOED by the best in the business!
*If you would like to guarantee an appoinment with a specific artist
during the convention, we reccomend emailing them ahead of time in order
to secure a particular day and/or time. BUT DONT WORRY! 
There are many artists who leave time available
in anticipation of WALK-UP clients! 
Just be sure to bring along a valid state or federal issued photo ID.

Click the link to visit the site!


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My name is Joseph DiProjetto, but most know me as Jet. I have been tattooing professionally in Rochester, NY  & around the world since 1993. I specialize in bold, bright & colorful tattoos that are heavily influenced by American traditional imagery & Japanese imagery & esthetics. 




I am Adrien Moses Clark of Rochester, NY. I have been tattooing here professionally since late 2004 and joined the Love Hate crew late in 2006. I thoroughly enjoy tattooing in the environment we have created. The smiles on the faces of our clients after a new tattoo make it even better. Although extremely capable of a variety of work, my goal is to create tattoos of the highest quality rooted primarily in early traditional American and Japanese styles. In the process, I take pride in maintaining a focus on constant improvement in the techniques I apply, and my final product. To me this means taking your ideas and translating them into an incredible, well balanced image that you will be proud to own forever more.

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Dylan has been tattooing professionally since 2001.  In an effort to maintain a constant state of growth, he works in a multitude of tattoo styles including but not limited to traditional americana, Japanese, photo-realism, stylized illustration art, and black & grey.  From his art education at RIT and his hard-earned education in the tattoo industry you are guaranteed to receive a unique, powerful, and long-lasting tattoo, as well as the benefit of the precision, strength and honesty that comes with well established and confirmed reputation of the Love Hate Tattoo family.



I have been tattooing since 2010 and have grown up around the tattoo industry. It is an honor working next to my father Jet and some of the world’s best tattooers. I want to make a tattoo that,  will continue to tell your story forever. I am Constantly striving to better myself as an artist, everyday is a learning experience for me.

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I have been tattooing in Rochester NY since 2001. I strive to create bold, distinctive tattoos that will stand the test of time. My work is rooted in American traditional and Japanese influenced designs but I am very capable of producing tattoos in a variety of styles. I take pride in my work and you will see that in the tattoo I craft for you

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Under Construction.

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We are a group of artists with a common mindset and goals, 

creating tattoos that will withstand the test of time

in an environment that is clean, relaxed, and fun.

We look forward to seeing you soon


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